The Frozen Custard: Take 1!

Custard is the best food ever! Of course, pizzas, burgers, pasta, and Ramen are also my best foods ever, but, this time, I’m writing about custard, so custard is the best food ever.

I wanted some cream puffs, but I only had 3 eggs, so I decided to just make the custard! What will I do with the puff shells anyway? They amount to none without the custard!

Sooo, I’m still using my same old recipe from 4 years ago, but now, for now I used All Purpose Cream and Artificial Vanilla Flavouring for this year is a year of scarcity for I am jobless and an official bum! I’m just checking if using cheap-o’s will yield the best custard ever.

Oh, have I been talking too much? Here it is! Sorry for the crappy picture: low res, and low light. I’m not good with photo editing nor with low light photography. It looks good anyway!

frozen custard.jpg

Yum! It’s really, really thick, and creamy, didn’t feel the graininess of the APC at all! However, I can taste that the vanilla’s fake, so, next time, I’ll be throwing in real vanilla beans instead of the fake ones, or use less artificial vanilla.

Anyway, recipe and procedures, you say? Nom nom. Here ’tis!

200 mL of milk (I used Bear Brand in the tet packs, pour it in a thick-bottomed sauce pan, heat on low)
2 tablespoons granulated sugar (add to le milk, whisk)
2 caps of McCormick Vanilla (I have the big bottle, so I used the cap, add to le milk, whisk)

Leave the milk to scald. Remember, low heat!

3 Yolks from large eggs (I like ’em eggy, coz, ya know, I’m Eggy! Throw ’em all in a bowl, or anything you can mix it in)
2 tablespoons of cornstarch (add ’em to the yolks)
2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour (add ’em to the yolks, too, whisk)
2 tablespoons of granulated sugar (add ’em to the yolks, too, whisk)
2 caps of McCormick Vanilla (add ’em to the yolks, too, whisk)

Okay! Now, your milk is a lil’ hot, scoop or pour about half of it to your yolk mixture, and whisk! Whisk, whisk whisk. Just half! Don’t pour all your milk to you yolk mixture.

Then, pour your yolk mixture to the leftover milk, and whisk, whisk, whisk, whisk until you get a really thick mixture. I whisked mine over low heat, well, most of the time.

When I get a little impatient, I turn up the heat to high, but be careful not to burn your custard! Else, you’ll have a sweet omelette. Ew.

Anyway, you want it to be really, really, really thick. Here’s mine:
Thick Custard
And, now you have your custard base, get some cling wrap and lay it on top of the custard so it won’t get a layer of skin, because custard skin layers are just disgusting. Pop it into the fridge, and it’s time to whip le creme!

Okay, so the cream I used is an All-purpose Cream from Nestle, the ones you get in the groceries, for 50 Pesos or so, and come in 250 mL tetra packs. Make sure you’ve chilled it well, so well that when you squeeze it out, it’s almost as good as whipped cream.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering if APC whips. They do, actually. But whipped APC feels a little grainy. But they’ll do.

So whip it good, until stiff!
stiff peaks.png
See? It whips quite well.

Now, get your chilled custard base, fold it well to your whipped cream, transfer you custard to an airtight container, level it, put cling wrap over it (so it won’t frost),  then pop in the freezer!

I’ve waited 4 hours, before my custard set fully. Still a little soft, but has the consistency of something better than ice cream.

So, there you have it. Who needs Rita’s Frozen Custard if you can make yours at home? Not to mention, it’s better! Everything’s better homemade.


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